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Earlier in our post, we have covered the subject of messenger value when it comes to product feedback collection and customer engagement. We will dedicate final Part 3 to talk about the power of in-app messenger as a customer support solution for mobile business.

Customer support matters

If sales and marketing is the face of the business then customer care is the health of the business that really affects the way you look in your customers’ eyes. Talking about how great your product and company is and failing to provide proactive support leads to total customer disappointment.

The thing with mobile users is that they don’t really complain to the business about bad service to influence a change; they just leave the app. With fierce competition in the mobile app market and a range of similar apps to choose from, outstanding customer support can become your competitive advantage that helps you retain users and build brand loyalty.

Here is why in-app messenger rules

Excellent for two-way communication 

The messenger is the modern medium to foster interactions in the digital world. It is the most natural, widely accepted way for real-time communications among mobile users. Live in-app chat is probably the closest way to replicate traditional support desk as a customer can talk about his/her issue to one of a staff member to get it solve. Unlike emails, there is no danger of email misspells or lost-in-spam-folder letters. Moreover, in-app messenger does not break the chain of customer support process and keeps the user in flow.

Fast and lightweight 

The nature of in-app messenger obliges the business to deal with users’ issues in fast and friendly manner. Responding your customers in real time give them a sense of you always being there for them to build the emotional bridge between the business and the customers. With messenger, you allow customers contact you without the need to fill in forms and to deal with ticket desks. Instead, they can directly talk to the business staff member about the issue without any formalities.   

Easy to get personal and build relationship 

Live chat is probably the closest way to replicate traditional support desk and this affects customers’ perception of the business and allow them visualize the real people behind the brand. Providing support, the business can learn about individual customer habits and preferences to make relevant to their needs suggestions and to help them get the most out of the app. Tackling customers’ issues in personal and friendly live conversations allows to build customer connections and naturally turn users’ into brand advocates.

Since the world turned mobile and apps came into our lives, new medium for customer communication was required. The in-app messenger ticks all the boxes when it comes to proactive personalized customer support not only for the sake of solving customers’ problems, but also educating about the app, enhancing user experience and building a loyal army of business supporters.

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