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HelpCrunch offers similar features for support, marketing and sales at a reasonable price.

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Unlimited contacts,
transparent pricing

Whether you reach 2K or 2M people each month, HelpCrunch stays affordable as your business grows. Our pricing is based on the number of team members and emails (if you use them) — no hidden fees for reached people or expensive add-ons. Pay for what you use.

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Manage customer requests more effectively with a shared inbox for all communication channels. Switch between chats and emails in one click. Receive and answer messages from Facebook, Instagram, and popular messengers in one dashboard.
WhatsApp integration - coming soon!

  • Best option for small businesses

    User-friendly admin panel, great price, very helpful support, best-written knowledge base. The best alternative to Intercom. Lots of options. I am not even sure if I need a chatbot anymore, as there are enough options for using messages and popups. Easy to use for anyone. My newly hired inexperienced customer support agent just turned it on and understood all the features immediately. I have been using and testing numerous apps so far, and Helpcrunch is truly a winner.

    General manager @ Fantasmagoria.shop
  • Excellent platform for customer interaction with great support

    We integrated HelpCrunch into our customer success workflow to replace two separate products, Zendesk and Intercom. So far it has successfully covered both functions at a more affordable price and provided some extra features as well. We like the easy-to-use interface, the features that allow us to efficiently handle all customer interaction (chat & email) as well as proactive chats, emails and website popup software for our onboarding process. Their support is great, having extensive documentation and a very responsive team.

    Adina Mihaita
    Adina Mihaita
    Head of Customer Success @ Pentest-Tools.com
  • Incredibly useful site for customer experience

    First and foremost, it's a very easy website to use. Furthermore, you can easily adjust the settings to make them fit your needs perfectly. At Candeno we offer a livechat and we use HelpCrunch for this. Earlier we used Intercom, but Helpcrunch is way easier to use and set up, and the variety of options helps you a lot, but aren't overwhelming.

    Gustav Tornby
    Gustav Tornby
    Communications Manager @ Candeno.com
  • This is the tool I was looking for

    We were looking for an alternative to Intercom to be more affordable, It was very easy to switch by migrating all our data from Intercom to HelpCrunch easily and for free. Overall experience has been great, pricing is right, super easy to setup, their support team are amazing and always acttive to answer all our questions and needs, the onboarding is just right that even helps us internally with ideas and inspiration like the auto follow up messages. I really can't find any cons for HelpCrunch till now. They are just amazing.

    Mahinour Sabra
    Mahinour Sabra
    Senior Product Marketing Manager @ Adam.ai

Free migration from Intercom

Excellent support is part of our DNA. But we want to take it a step further and migrate all the contacts, email templates, and site automations from your Intercom account for free. Just submit a request, and we'll take care of the rest.

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Customer support
that actually
cares about you

Does it take days to get replies from Intercom?
Do they miss the point half the time?
HelpCrunch is customer-centric all the way. Our dedicated customer success team is always there for you, ready to assist with any issue you may have.

customer support

Customizable chat experience with a
full-scale help center

Сustomize your chat widget in any way you want, add special tweaks via custom CSS, and integrate the help center to reduce the number of requests. Not ready to talk? You can hide the chat section and show just the help center to turn your widget into a 24/7 self-service hub.

customizable chat
4.7 / 5
4.8 / 5
4.8 / 5
4.8 / 5
5 / 5

HelpCrunch vs Intercom

HelpCrunch logo Intercom logo
Plan Pro Advanced
Price From $25/mo (1 team member) From $99/mo (1 seat)
Conversation rating
Help center in widget
Unbranded messenger
Chat forms
Multiple widgets in one account 5 widgets
Custom CSS styling
Hide widget from certain pages (zero code)
Chat routing
Bot rules (bot targeting)
Lead qualification
Article suggestions
Auto tagging
Receive inbound emails
Multichannel messaging (chat, email, social media, messengers)
Automatic chat routing
Articles in conversations
Saved responses
Custom inboxes
Knowledge base site
Custom domain name (CNAME)
Search autocomplete with suggestions
WYSIWYG editor
Meta data editing for SEO
In-product chat messages From $499/mo for 3,000 messages sent/mo
Bulk emails and triggered email messages From $0.0004 to $0.02 per email sent From $0.003 to $0.045 per email sent
Real-time delivery & metrics
AI Editor for Inbox
AI Editor for Knowledge Base
AI Reply Assistant for Inbox Coming soon
AI Chatbot Coming soon $0.99 per resolution
Conversation volume
Team performance
Customer satisfaction
Article ratings
Failed knowledge base searches
SSL encryption
User authentication
JavaScript / REST API
iOS/Android SDK
Live chat & email support
Self-service support
Personal onboarding assistant
Free data migration

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