Valeriy Kurilov, CEO

SE Ranking

“We used Intercom system for several months and it did the job well but was overpriced for a company like ours. We’ve switched to HelpCrunch as it ticks all the boxes and helps us cut costs.”

João Mainardes, CEO & Creative Director


“Customer support is a 10/10. You do an awesome job, when it comes to the chat, everything is a 10/10 as well. So far this experience has been amazing and better than the other ones.”

All-in-one customer
communication platform

HelpCrunch is not just a live chat but an all-around customer communication platform. All relevant tools are always at hand: live chat, in-app messenger, email automation, auto messages, ticketing, and more

live chat 2.0

30% conversion improvement over old-fashioned live chats.

in-app messenger

Best way to talk to your customers in your product.

Auto Messages

Engage new visitors to start talking to a team member


Fully automate all your email marketing activities.


New way to deliver great customer service.

HelpCrunch vs Intercom
side by side



Intercom Respond
+ Engage
Plan HelpCrunch Premium Respond + Engage Lite
Pricing from 30 / agent / mo from 106 / mo
Number of unique chat users Unlimited 250
Annual Subscription (Save 23%)
Free 14-day trial
Customer service
Free personal on-boarding assistant
Fine-tuning for specific business needs
Setup Assistance
Live Chat Support
Email Support
Live Chat
Chat on multiple websites/apps in one account
Multi-channel messaging (chat/email)
Chat user path (source, referer etc.) and activity tracking (page views)
Chat widget unbranding
Pre-chat form
Offline Form
Emoji & Stickers
Group chats
Saved responses
Live visitor profiles
File sharing
Chat tags
Chat history Unlimited Unlimited
Typing insight
Sound, browser, email, slack notifictions
Chat widget resizing
Chat button styles (icon/tab/button)
Preset and custom chat colors
Chat widget repositioning
Chat localization
Company logo and agents' avatars
Chat wallpapers
Instant email follow-ups right from the chat
Automatically resend unseen chat messages via email if not seen
Real-time delivery and open tracking
Email delivery settings
Email Forwarding
Bulk emails
Auto Messages
Chat auto messages
Email auto messages
Sent / opened / replied metrics
Operating hours
Roles and permissions
Third-party integrations All current and future integrations are included No premium integrations
Deep integration with your product (registration/login/cart)
Custom attributes
Mobile version of both chat and service
SSL Encryption
Intercom API vs Helpcrunch API
Android SDK