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HelpCrunch is a solution for web and mobile businesses.

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Use cases

Based on our product features and current customer base, we’ve identified three main groups of online businesses and use cases HelpCrunch fits best. Don’t worry if you can’t relate your business to the ones below, talk to us via live chat.

SaaS and web services

  • Customer onboarding campaign with a set of triggered auto messages
  • Customer support via live chat on web or inside mobile app, and by email
  • Customer data and actions tracking via default & custom filters
  • Selective feedback collection via precise targeting
  • Custom offers to selected groups of customers


  • Instant customer support via live chat
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat
  • Customer data tracking with default and custom filters
  • Product upsell and cross-sell via triggered auto messages
  • Customer retention campaigns via automated personalized emails

Online-to-offline businesses

  • Acquiring new leads via live chat
  • Promo campaigns and time-limited offers via email
  • Direct sale, upsell and cross-sell via live chat
  • Support mailbox forwarding to HelpCrunch
  • Customer feedback collection via email

Our clients

We help businesses communicate with their customers in a modern way

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