Do you use Slack as a team messenger? Great! Connect your HelpCrunch account with Slack and receive notifications when customers message you.

Add HelpCrunch to Slack

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If your website is built with WordPress, you can setup HelpCrunch without a single line of code. Install HelpCrunch native WordPress plugin and start chatting with your visitors.

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You can seamlessly integrate HelpCrunch to your Magento website. Download and install native HelpCrunch Magento 1 or Magento 2 extension and start chatting with your customers right away.

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Google Tag Manager

Easily add HelpCrunch Live Chat to your site using Google Tag Manager.
No need to edit your website's source code.

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Google Analytics

Set up and easily track HelpCrunch chat widget events with your Google Analytics account.

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Install HelpCrunch chat widget into your Shopify store to immediately assist your customers, maximize your sales, and reduce cart abandonment.

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Easily add HelpCrunch chat widget to your blog on Tumblr. Chat with your visitors in real time, receive valuable feedback and get more followers!

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Integrate HelpCrunch with your Squarespace website to amp up your marketing and watch your audience participation soar.

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Add HelpCrunch to your PrestaShop store to help people live, just like you would if they visited your shop in person. This will let you capture leads, resolve queries and engage customers before they abandon their carts.

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Use HelpCrunch to communicate with visitors on your blog, store or website made with Jimdo. No need to play with the code – just a couple of copy-and paste-clicks and you’re done!

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If you run an online store on 3DCart, HelpCrunch will let you answer visitors’ questions in real time, resolve issues, and help customers make purchases, minimizing cart abandonment.

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HelpCrunch gives you a complete toolset to communicate with your SpaceCraft visitors, identify hot prospects, convert them into loyal customers and drive sales.

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Add HelpCrunch to your OpenCart account to offer immediate help to people who are navigating your store. Engage visitors, maximize sales and build customer loyalty by delivering the best real-time support.

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Big Cartel

Move your online sales to the next level by adding a HelpCrunch live chat to your Big Cartel store. Proactively engage people who are just looking around on your shop, help customers make purchases, cross-sell, upsell and resolve queries on the spot.

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With Fluid App, you can make HelpCrunch look like a genuine Mac desktop application, so you can directly launch it from your desktop, Dock or Launchpad without sifting through different tabs in your browser.

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