The idea of HelpCrunch came from our extensive experience managing online businesses. Using disconnected tools and communication channels to talk with the customers often resulted in chaotic interactions - some conversations got repeated, missed, overlooked or out of context.

Talking to others, we realized that it’s a common problem for Internet-based businesses and that’s how we decided to build a solution that would make customer communication organized, consistent and relevant.

HelpCrunch combines multiple communication channels – live chat on the web, in-app messenger, email and sms - and real time customer data in one platform. With insights into customer profiles, the business can choose the most appropriate message and communication channel to reach them effectively in order to generate and manage quality leads, convert active users into paying customers, boost repeat sales, or re-engage the customers.


We maintain open culture and believe that everyone is a contributor and has something to bring to the table. That’s why we hire people who are smart and able to let them do their job.

We have a flat company structure. You won’t find managers and big bosses at HelpCrunch. Instead, we have an experienced team that applies agile approach and continuous delivery practices to build a quality product in line with the vision.

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