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Knowledge base software that reduces customer service requests and costs

Want to ensure smooth customer self-service and minimize repetitive questions? Showcase your company documentation with our knowledge base platform.

Trusted by thousands of businesses, big and small

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Knowledge base software that makes work enjoyable

  • Launch a public knowledge base website with a custom subdomain. Once you have all the articles in place, organize them in a nifty and convenient way with categories and sections.

  • Writing help articles is a breeze with a true WYSIWYG editor. Add images, videos, tables, and easily optimize content for SEO so that customers can find exactly what they need.

  • Integrate your help center into the widget so that customers can search through it before contacting your support team. You can even hide the chat option altogether.

  • See how many people viewed each article and how they rated them. If your help center lacks any content, the failed searches report will inform you about it.

AI Editor for Knowledge Base

  • Simplify and scale the creation of documentation with an AI-powered editor.
    • Shorten, expand, or rephrase text to save time and reduce cognitive load for teams creating help center content.
    • Change tone to match the audience and provide customers with more self-serve resources, faster.
    • Translate articles automatically to multiple languages to reach a global audience.

Make your knowledge base a part of your brand

Everything you need to build a beautiful and helpful help center.

Knowledge base customization options by HelpCrunch
Use your own domain
Upload your logo and choose a color scheme
Change header color or upload an image
Point header and footer links to your website
Use custom CSS and JavaScript
Add a chat widget for real-time support
Knowledge base customization options by HelpCrunch

Getting help without calling support? Customers love it

  • Customers will find answers 24/7 in a help center that looks sleek on any device.
    And your team can spend its time on more complex issues.

  • Customers aren’t that eager to contact support unless it’s an emergency. Integrate your knowledge base into the widget and give them a chance to find answers on their own.

  • Help users quickly find the content they need. Our knowledge base software is reinforced by a powerful search with personalized, relevant real-time suggestions.

  • With our knowledge base software you can create articles in multiple languages for different audiences and automatically present content in the language of your customers.

AI badge AI-powered

Automate your customer self-service with an FAQ chatbot

Our chatbot can offer relevant knowledge base articles based on your scenarios.

Chatbot by HelpCrunch offering contextual knowledge base articles
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4.8 / 5
4.8 / 5
4.8 / 5
5 / 5
  • The overall feedback is that HelpCrunch has been amazing

    HubSpot offered the knowledge base software but it looked confusing and, considering other issues with the platform, we decided to utilize HelpCrunch. I appreciate how easy it is to set up the knowledge base, update content and manage it in general. The customize ability is great and I like that I can change it the way I want. We made it look like our own.

    Mony Gueorguiev
    Mony Gueorguiev
    CEO @ Maidily
  • Integrated and cost effective solution for SMB

    We use knowledge base software and chat to support our SaaS solution users. Integrated solution with full customization for affordable price, especially for SMB. Knowledgebase default design is nice and modern, no need to customize too much. KB full customization is included in standard price.
    Overall easy to use but still powerful enough to meet our needs and serve well.

    Petr P
    Petr P
    Founder & CEO @Cenový automat
  • Best option for small businesses

    User-friendly admin panel, great price, very helpful support, best-written knowledge base. The best alternative to Intercom. Lots of options. I am not even sure if I need a chatbot anymore, as there are enough options for using messages and popups. Easy to use for anyone. My newly hired inexperienced customer support agent just turned it on and understood all the features immediately. I have been using and testing numerous apps so far, and Helpcrunch is truly a winner.

    General manager @
  • Excellent platform for customer interaction with great support

    We integrated HelpCrunch into our customer success workflow to replace two separate products, Zendesk and Intercom. So far it has successfully covered both functions at a more affordable price and provided some extra features as well. We like the easy-to-use interface, the features that allow us to efficiently handle all customer interaction (chat & email) as well as proactive chats, emails and website popup software for our onboarding process. Their support is great, having extensive documentation and a very responsive team.

    Adina Mihaita
    Adina Mihaita
    Head of Customer Success @

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