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Smart website chatbot to automate your support & sales workflow

Catch more leads on your website, speed up customer support, and provide contextual self-service with a touch of personalized automation.

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The automation your customers will LOVE

  • Just craft a few proactive auto messages to greet and engage with your visitors at the right time based on any triggers you choose. The chatbot will handle your leads from there

  • Our chatbot for websites can collect information like email, company, and objectives. And your sales team can concentrate on, well, selling.

  • Before your team even joins the conversation, the chatbot will ask all the relevant questions, tag the customer, and route it to the right assignee.

  • An FAQ chatbot can ask relevant multiple-choice questions and send helpful knowledge base articles based on customers’ answers. Free up your time for more important tasks.


Code-free multichannel chatbot builder

Easily create chatbot flows that work in without writing any code

HelpCrunch chatbot builder

Your team will enjoy setting up website chatbots, too

  • Long gone are the days when you had to assign chats, tag customers, and ask repetitive questions. Put these trifle tasks on autopilot to save time and energy.

  • Decide which chats can be handled by the chatbot based on elaborate targeting conditions. Just pick the criteria a customer should match.

  • Reduce support workload by half. Your team can maintain a healthy work-life balance because chatbots works 24/7 for them. (Or should I say instead of them?)

  • You can’t be 100% how effective your chatbot is unless you measure its performance. See how many people have interacted with it and went through the entire flow.

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