Liudmila Ganzha
Jun 14, 2017 | 2 min read

A customer enters your online store. Here’s when the game begins. Will he make a purchase or turn his back on you? The quality, pricing, functionality, and design – we’re sure you’ve got that covered already.

But what about customer service in your store? Actually, it can make or break your sale.


These days people are reluctant to dial phone numbers and wait until they’ll be put through to the right person.  They prefer to hit a message and get a quick answer, just like they do every day in instant messengers.

 According to the Forrester Research, 44% of consumers indicated the availability of live support during an online purchase as one of the most important site functionalities.

HelpCrunch Live Chat is a natural way to deliver help. You wait a moment letting people look around, then answer questions on the spot, or take the initiative and offer help. If the customer is hesitant, your instant, friendly support can make a difference between a sale and an empty cart.


Moreover, our live chat it gives a whole bunch of powerful possibilities – you’ll be able to

  • collect customers’ personal and contact information building a complete customer database
  • track customer activity at your store, analyzing data and adjusting your sales strategy accordingly
  • set up automatic message triggers based on specific visitor actions
  • send proactive chats and email marketing campaigns
  • reach out to a global audience thanks to multiple localizations

Adding HelpCrunch to your PrestaShop store is fast and easy, just a few clicks and you’ll be set up. Here’s a step-by-step guide

Happy selling with HelpCrunch!

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