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Oct 27, 2020 | 5 min read

Most businesses see Halloween (and other holidays for that matter) as just another excuse to run some sales campaign and offer discounts to their customers. Some even skip this event altogether and do nothing.

Discounts are great, but what about an everlasting impression, customer loyalty and brand advocacy? Holidays and special occasions can present a great chance to establish stronger communications with clients and create a more positive brand image. 

And what occasion can be better for building emotional connections with your customers than Halloween with its scary costumes, ancient traditions, and good old trick-or-treating? You can’t miss out on such an opportunity.

To give you a little nudge, we’ve prepared this collection of ready-made templates for your customer support, marketing, and sales. No need to invent anything yourself — just copy and paste these excerpts into your customer support tool. Or better yet, sign up for HelpCrunch as we’ve already added some templates into everyone’s accounts.

Halloween canned responses

When customers reach out to you, it’s in your power to give them an extraordinary experience. While marketers can go crazy with their promotional emails and materials, customer support may feel they have limited opportunities to celebrate.

So, how can a customer support representative maintain a festive mood? Just use these canned responses to add a pinch of spookiness and a little bit of fright to your Halloween conversations. 

Thanks for reaching out

Hi [FIRST_NAME]! Hope you’re having a sweet Halloween ?

Is there anything I can help you with?

Ghostly Greetings ?

I’m here to help you with any questions or issues you may have.

I hope you have a killer day this Halloween ?

How can I help you?

BTW, we’re offering a special deal at the moment

Terrific! BTW, we’re currently having a Monster of a Halloween Sale ?

You can use the promo code [Halloween’20] and get up to 20% off your next purchase.

Would you be interested in more details?

If that’s all, I would also like to tell you that we’re currently offering a sweet Halloween deal.

It’s valid till October 31. Save up to 20% on your next payment.

It’s a scarily good deal if you ask me ?

Happy Halloween from all of us to all of you.

Would you also be interested in our special Halloween deal?

I could share more spooky details ?

You’re welcome

Glad I could help. Enjoy the scariest night of the year ?

The pleasure is mine. Wishing you an eerie October and a boo-tiful Halloween ?

You’re welcome! Keep it freaky this Halloween ?

Anytime! Hope you don’t have a scare in the world this Halloween ?️

Hope your Halloween is spooky and sweet ?

Anything else I could help you with?

Halloween proactive chat messages

You’ve probably decorated your website for Halloween already. Marketers and salespeople are fond of Halloween posters, banners and popups offering special deals. But they often forget about another, less intrusive and more authentic, way to reach out to their customers.

You can always use these templates for proactive chat messages and get in touch with your website visitors on autopilot. We’ve crafted a few examples for simple greetings as well as for announcing Halloween special deals. Just copy and paste them into your customer support tool:

Website greeting for new visitors

Have fun dressing up, trick-or-treating, and getting scared ?

And contact us if you need help with anything.

Trick or treat! Happy Halloween from our team to you ?

Come in for a bite ? Our team is ready to answer any questions.

How spook-tacular to see you on our website! Enter this chat at your own risk ⚰️

Greeting for repeat website visitors

Back so soon? I am dying to have a great Halloween with you ? Let’s talk!

It’s giving me the creeps to see you back again ? Contact our team if you need help.

Are you back for candy? Eat, drink, and drop us a line ?

Halloween special deal

If you want a tasty sweet Halloween treat, you’ll enjoy our special offer ? Extra 20% discounts on everything until October 31.

Are you on the hunt for some terrifyingly nice Halloween deals?

Get 20% off your order with the promo code [HALLOWEEN20]. Happy Haunting ?

Wishing you a spook-tacular Halloween!

Use the promo code [HALLOWEEN20] to get a dreadfully awesome 20% discount on your next order ?️

Pricing page / checkout assistance

Don’t be a scaredy cat this Halloween ? Just contact our support team for more details on our pricing.

Having troubles with our checkout? Knock if you dare ⚰️

Hello pumpkin! Need assistance with our pricing? ?

Halloween in-app chat messages

Targeted in-app messages are great for SaaS companies that are running some sort of Halloween special deals and want to announce it to their active users.

They’re sent only once to a group of people that you specify with the help of demographic, geographic, or behavioral criteria. They’re called targeted because you can go as granular with user segmentation as you wish.

Halloween special offer

Trick or treat ?

Starting from today, you can get a 20% discount on any subscription you choose.

Just sign into your account and treat yourself to this Halloween Sale!

Early Bird Halloween Sale! The celebration is right around the corner but we’re dropping our prices already.

Treat yourself with 31% off your order. Contact us for more details ?

These deals are sweeter than Halloween candies! ???

If you’re on the hunt for some amazing Halloween offers, your search stops now.

Use the promo code [Halloween’20] and get a momentary discount on your next order from us.

The sale ends on October 31 at midnight. The clock is ticking, so hurry up!

Up to 70% off your next payment!

We’re having a Monster of a Sale ?

Just use the promo code [Halloween’20] during checkout. Happy Halloween!

Halloween congratulations

Our team just wanted to wish you a happy Halloween! Hope you enjoy some good scares and stay safe out there ?

Happy Halloween from our team! Hope you’re staying home and enjoying the candy ?

We just wanted to wish you a happy Halloween and let you know that our team will be here throughout the entire celebration. If you have any monstrous problems or tricky questions, just drop us a line ?

Halloween widget messages

Taking it to the next level would also include changing your live chat widget’s texts. If you’re using HelpCrunch, just go to Settings -> Website Widgets -> [YOUR WIDGET] and choose the ‘Localization’ tab.

You can customize your chat’s texts a little bit there to make them more Halloween friendly this time. For instance, it’s always a good idea to warn people who are trying to contact you outside your working hours. Something as simple as a short congratulation can make a difference, too.

You can go even further and replace your team members’ avatars with spooky avatars. Just download them on Freepic.

Widget button text

Contact us for candies

Park your broom and contact us

Reach us to celebrate Halloween

We only spook when spoken to

Stop in to cast a spell

Your team intro

Trick or Treat. Be so sweet. Give us something good to… answer to ?

Reach us if you dare for a Halloween scare ?

Boo to you from our Crew ?

Offline greeting

Sorry, but we went haunting ? Will return at midnight.

Our team is trick-or-treating atm. We’ll be back when our baskets are full of candies ?

We’re not available at the moment, but our team will be back at [Time]. Happy Halloween! ?

Final words

If you’re still not sure how to celebrate, you can always start by signing up for a free HelpCrunch trial. This way, you’ll have a convenient way to reach out to your visitors and customers whenever you need to as well as answer any questions they may have.

HelpCrunch offers all the necessary features you might need to congratulate your customers. You can customize and enjoy your saved responses, proactive chat and email messages as well as adjust your chat widget with custom colors and texts.

The HelpCrunch team once again witches you a scary Halloween 🙂 Hope you’re staying safe and enjoy the festivities!

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