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74 Useful Live Chat Script Examples for Your Support and Sales

Business life is a bed of roses with ready-made chat scripts. We've cooked up 62 of them. Grab and copy!

Written by Olesia Melnichenko

74 Useful Live Chat Script Examples for Your Support and Sales

Imagine your most hectic day. You chat with a customer explaining how to upgrade their account, and another pile of tickets keeps landing in your inbox—no need to pull your hair out. A well-thought-out live chat script can help you shovel the tasks as easy as one-two-three.

No, it’s not like launching a space shuttle. 🚀 It’s all about knowing what to say and reading the room. The data is given. You just need to come up with a fitting solution. In our case, you only have to choose a suitable template. 

And we will provide you with not just one but 74 templates! Read on and find out what words to say and how. Streamlining sales and support conversations has never been easier.

If you’re eager to implement these chat script templates, start with a proper customer communication tool. Consider HelpCrunch for a flexible and customizable live chat with all the necessary enhancements for productive work (canned responses included) — it’s available for a free 14-day spin.

Definition of chat scripts

A chat script is a predefined message set to guide conversations between customer support agents or sales representatives and clients. Or to professionally handle common customer service situations and to know how to speak to angry customers during live chat interactions. 

Canned responses help to have a strategic framework to ensure consistent, high-quality communication. It’s a popular practice, and 69% of companies employ pre-written responses in their live chat service.

How to memorize all of the words and phrases needed to rock your dialogue with a customer? You could print the stuff out and hang it on the wall. Or recommend your support team to do so. But yeah, I suppose this is a rather old-school method.

It’s more convenient to have ready-to-use customer service chat scripts in plain view and digital form, right? Let the live chat tool by HelpCrunch do the job for you. How? Real simple.

Our customer communication tool makes it possible to create canned responses to save answers to all common questions and use them more productively. Pre-save any number of your replies in the HelpCrunch Settings. Then go to Settings -> Team -> Saved Responses and hit the ‘Add new’ button.Infuse a little personality in your responses by adding user attributes like {First_name}. Voilà! Type # when chatting with a client and choose the canned response you need from the menu that will appear. Also, it has a WordPress chat plugin.

"you are welcom" gif with michael from the office

74 chatting scripts are up for grabs

Delivering flawless customer service is a number one priority, indeed. But only time matters when clients wait on the screen’s other end. Your actions?

As in a cookbook, we also have a ready-to-use and fast recipe. It’s our collection of customer service chat examples. Read them and be ready to use some live chat customer service best practices to become a master of speech 💪 

Greeting a customer

The very first impression can make or break the rest of the conversation. Nothing beats amiability, courtesy, and, let’s face it, common sense. And isn’t it lovely when a client comes back to your website? It means customer loyalty and retention are ratcheting up.

Infuse your customer support scripts with that and add your personal touch. See what messages you can send and take good note of (our customer service heroes use the first one):

👋 Chatting scripts for greeting customers

  • Hey there ✋ If you have any questions, I’m here to help.
  • Hi! 👋 We are glad to welcome you to our website. Should you have any questions, I’m here to help.
  • Good morning/afternoon/evening! It’s nice to welcome you to the [your company name] website. Just drop me a line if you want to ask any questions.
  • Hello! 👋 How may I assist you today?
  • Hey there! How are you doing today? In case you come up with something to ask, let me know.
  • Hello! 👋 Have some questions? You know what to do 😉
  • Hi! Feel free to ask me anything. I love questions!

🙋 Chatting scripts for greeting returning visitors

  • Hi again! Excellent that you come again 😌 Do you need to clarify some other details concerning [the question a customer previously had]?
  • What a pleasant surprise! You remember I’m still here to assist you any time, don’t you?
  • Hello, and welcome back to [your company name]! Did you want to pick up where you left off?
  • Hi there! Do you have issues with your previous issue?
  • Welcome back! I see you want something to add. Write me once you’re ready 😉
  • Hello again! Did you face any problems with the [earlier issue]?
  • Hi! It’s been a while since you contacted us. Feel free to let me know if you need assistance.

Sending proactive messages

Did you know that proactive chat messages can be your silver bullet? You may not have a Eureka moment now, but I’ll try to elaborate. A proactive message means the willingness to help a customer immediately, your concern, and honest initiative. Once a user sees it popping up, their first thought may be, “What a caring and kind support this brand has! Interesting, what do they have to offer me?“. And that’s where your creativity steps in.

proactive live chat message example

Set these messages on any website to target the right audience at the right moment. For instance, shoot a line when users browse your product or pricing page or navigate your blog. And we, in turn, will help you spiff up your live chat script content.

🤝 Support proactive messages

  • I know the information on this page may be a lot to take in. May I assist you? 🙂
  • You have touched the spot! I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with this option. But if you need assistance, I’m here.
  • Hey, I just wanted to know that there’s a huge deal available right now. Want a quick lead-in? 😏
  • Good news! Your order is going to be sorted out.

💰 Sales proactive messages

  • Hi there! Are you still in two minds about [the pricing plan/product]? Don’t worry, I’ll help you choose the best one for your needs.
  • Hey there! If you have any questions about our [subscription/pricing plans, etc.], drop me a line ✍
  • Before you check out, you should know we have several other [options] for you. Let us know if you’re interested.
  • It looks like you’re purchasing [the product]/subscribing to [your option]! Maybe you are interested in [a complementary option]? They’re quite a match 👍
  • Want to hear about other pricing plan options we offer? I’m at your service 💁

✅ Checkout page proactive messages

  • Smooth sailing through checkout! Is there anything you need assistance with at this final step? ⛵️
  • Your order is almost complete! Do you want to add anything else before you check out?
  • Exciting times! Your [product] is almost on its way. Is there anything else we can help you with before you finalize your purchase? 💁
  • Quick check before you go! Is there anything else you’d like to add to your order?

I apologize for [insert your option]

We’ve all been there. Suddenly, the system fell out; you sent the wrong letter or didn’t provide enough for customer request. But what is live chat? Just take it easy!

You can go with such an answer, but you have to do that right. And remember, sometimes it’s better to recognize a mistake and make amends until it’s too late. Our pre-made live chat scripts are created for you to weaken the blow:

⚙️ Customer service scripts for apologizing for a system downtime

  • Ouch! Our system went south several minutes ago. But don’t worry! Our tech team is already on it, and everything will return to normal ASAP 🔧 We’ll let you know!
  • A friendly heads up 😊 We’ll run a few fixes in [period], so you may experience minor glitches. They’ll be gone at the earliest!

🔄 Customer service scripts for offering alternatives

  • Sorry to hear that! May I offer you an alternative? 🙂
  • I do understand what you mean. I would be disappointed, too. Let me provide you with an alternative solution…
  • I apologize for the inconvenience. Would you enjoy [a special price/discount, etc.]? 🤩
  • I’m there with you! I would also like to recommend an [alternative] that fits all your requirements.

😢 Customer service scripts for apologizing for an issue

  • We’re sorry about the [issue]. Let me speak with my manager to find out how to fix this.
  • I understand how you feel. I’m very sorry. We will take care of this for you right now 👌

Transferring a client

Is there a support team with know-it-all chat agents? One person can’t puzzle out all the nuts and bolts of your product or service. And there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

If a customer is contacting you with a rather technical question, consult a dev team not to lead them up the path. Or, when a client wishes to find out the details about a sales procedure, let your sales manager take over and transfer the conversation.

💬 Live chat script:

  • As far as I know, this issue is in my coworker department’s capacity. They will contact you in a minute 😉
  • I am so sorry for the confusion, but this is not the correct department to provide sufficient information on the [issue]. Will it be OK if I transfer you to another one?
  • I see, but I need approval from my manager for that request…may I transfer you? 🙂
  • I’m afraid I can’t address your request. However, [agent’s name] is a pro and would happily speak to you. Is it okay if I transfer you to [agent’s name]?
  • I apologize, but [agent’s name] is the one who will be best able to handle your issue. Just a second, I will transfer the chat to them.
  • Based on the details you provided, [agent’s name] can easily deal with it. Transferring your chat…

🤳 Putting a customer on hold

  • I need to consult with my team briefly. I’ll place you on a brief hold. Please don’t go anywhere! 🔮
  • I need a few moments to gather the necessary information. I promise I’ll keep this pause short. Thank you.
  • I want to ensure I get the right information for you. I’m going to put you on a brief hold, but if you prefer not to wait, I can follow up with you via email shortly. What works best for you? ⏳

Asking for extra information

There’s no getting away with it. You must ask a customer for extra details even after your chat lasts 30 minutes. Judge by yourself: it’s for your client’s good and convenience. The more information you rustle up, the faster you develop the sought-after solution. The formula is THAT simple.

All good live chat scripts involve different options for telling a client you need yet another piece of info. And ours is not an exception. So, let’s dive deeper:

💳 Chatting scripts for asking for billing information

  • You’re right. Though I will need your billing details to clarify the issue
  • Would you mind providing me with your current billing address and zip code? That would help in identifying the issue a lot.
  • Could you please tell me your credit card details and security code so we can move forward? 

📝 Chatting scripts for asking for personal information

  • Before we continue, may I ask you for more information? 😊
  • ..Yes, that’s correct. Would you mind telling me your account ID so I can look up the information?

Sending promotional information

This small window on the right corner of the screen isn’t just for saying hi and goodbye. You can use live chat for sales, too. Just like in a brick-and-mortar store, ask a client what they’re looking for, practice your upselling and cross-selling techniques, and inform a person about ongoing deals your company offers.

popup builder example

Take advantage of these lines when preparing your live chat scripts:

🔗 Chatting scripts for upselling to a customer

  • Hey there, I noticed you are about to purchase [product]. Would you also like to take a look at [product name]? Our customers frequently purchase both items together.
  • Great! You are purchasing [product]. I would also recommend [product]. They round each other well 👍
  • Since you’re buying [product], we would also like to suggest [product] to get the best out of each other.

🔎 Chatting scripts for finding out what a visitor is looking for

  • Hello ✋ Looking for something specific? Let me know if I can help you with it.
  • Hey there, do you want us to help you find anything? I’m a few words away if you need me.
  • Hi! 👋 Are you facing any trouble finding something you need? Let us know how we can help you.

📲 Chatting scripts for responding to a demo request

  • Yes, sure, no problem. I can schedule a demo for you. What time are you available?
  • Can we gather for a quick call to understand your requirements and how our product can best help solve your needs? 📞
  • Hello [client’s name]! I can see that you requested a demo for [product] on [date]. Can you tell me a date and time to schedule the demo for you?

Wrapping up the conversation

Goodbyes are as crucial as Hellos. Your key goal is a happy customer. You can always send a common Thank you for your order email or acknowledge someone. But you must go the extra mile to build better customer relations. Also, it’s good to drop around some live chat survey questions.

No matter how you slice it. Wind down your conversations with the following live chat scripts and use them in different situations:

🙏 Chatting scripts to say thank you

  • Thank you for taking an interest in our brand! We appreciate it. Have a nice day! 👋
  • Your thoughts are highly appreciated. I’m always happy to assist you. It would be great to connect with you once again soon.
  • We appreciate your review and looking forward to seeing you soon 👋
  • Thanks for contacting us! Hope to hear from you anytime soon 👋
  • Thank you for visiting our website! We are looking forward to helping you!
  • Thank you for using our live chat service. I’m closing the chat session now. Would you mind leaving a quick review? 🙏🏻
  • Thanks for chatting with us. Feel free to ask us any questions.
  • Thank you for staying with us. I hope to be of assistance any time soon.
  • Thanks for stopping by! It was nice to help you. Should you have any other questions, please let me know 😌

📣 Feedback request chatting scripts

  • Your feedback matters! Could you take a moment to share your thoughts on the support you received?
  • We value your opinion! Would you mind sharing your feedback on how we handled your inquiry today? It helps us improve! 😊
  • Thanks for choosing us! We’d love to know about your experience. Could you spare a moment to share your thoughts on your recent purchase?
  • Your insights are crucial! How would you rate your overall experience with our [product/service]? We appreciate your feedback!
  • We’re always looking to enhance our services. Your feedback is gold to us! Can you share your thoughts on how we can improve your experience? 🚀

💤 Chatting scripts for reaching out to an inactive customer

  • I’ve noticed you’re away for quite some time. I’m closing the chat now and await your message should you have further questions.
  • Hey [customer’s name]! I haven’t heard from you for a while. Do you still need my help? If so, I’ll be here. Just drop me a line 😌

Why does live chat automation matter?

Shaping your answer in advance is formulating a message according to different customer service scenarios. That is, knowing how to greet a returning client, appease a user, apologize (and save your face), and so on. It’s a normal and very popular practice for customer service. A handy live chat script is beneficial in so many ways:

  1. Quicker response: With well-crafted preset replies for FAQs, you can rest easy knowing that no client will leave empty-handed and unassisted. Isn’t it an excellent formula for boosting customer satisfaction and retention? Time is of the essence in live chat.
  2. Positive employee experience: Do you have new hires? Perfect! Do you want to load off the rest of your customer service heroes? You can do just that with a pre-arranged message script. Everyone will be at an advantage – new coworkers who may be lost in conversations and clients who won’t have to wait for an answer.
  3. Consistent customer experience: Following predefined customer service live chat examples can help you preserve your unique brand identity. Think about what to add to these scripts and stand out from the crowd.
  4. Structured framework: Chat script can be the skeleton of your conversation. It provides a structured framework that ensures customer support teams cover all necessary points, from chat greetings to issue resolution or product pitch.
  5. Adaptability: While it’s a script, it’s not set in stone. Think of it more as a flexible guide. Depending on the customer’s responses and unique situation, your customer service reps can adapt the script to ensure a personalized and human touch. 
  6. Balancing act: Crafting a chat script is a balancing act between being informative and conversational. You don’t have to bombard your customers with information but provide relevant details naturally.
  7. Proactive customer service: It takes the lead beyond just responding to queries. Proactive service allows you to share relevant information even before the customer realizes they need it. Also, by integrating anticipated customer queries and concerns into your chat conversation scripts, your team can provide solutions before customers even ask.

Final words

As you can see, a premade chat script can be a quick win for your support and sales interactions. They encourage prompt replies, a positive tone of language, and a consistent brand experience.Are you set on trying the lines we’ve covered today in practice? It’s as easy as ABC. Create a free account with HelpCrunch, an all-in-one customer communication platform, and start chatting with your clients ahead of the game.

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Olesia was born in Donetsk, Ukraine. She's been a proud HelpCrunch content writer for three years. Her experience encompasses positions like an SEO copywriter, a marketing specialist, and a customer support assistant to a flight booking platform. Olesia's portfolio includes dozens of articles on customer service, marketing, and sales both for the HelpCrunch blog and other niche-related online resources. Now, she is a self-learning Spanish student who never misses out on the opportunity to replenish her vocab in three languages (English, German, and Spanish).
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