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Why You Should Be Creating Conversational Landing Pages

It's crucial to communicate with your audience throughout your website. That's why conversational landing pages are the hottest trend right now.

Written by Fahad Muhammad

Why You Should Be Creating Conversational Landing Pages

Inbound marketing has altered the way marketers communicate with their target audience by bringing them closer together.

Instead of the one-way communication of mailers, billboards, and TV ads,—asking almost anybody driving by or watching TV to  “Buy This”, “Try This” or “Call This Number” —inbound marketing speaks to target audiences who have been determined to actually want or need the offer. 

On a landing page, you communicate with your audience through each landing page element—from the headline down to the FAQ section. All elements communicate to visitors how the product or service will improve their lives. 

The only problem with the communication on a traditional landing page is that it’s mostly the brand talking. You don’t get to hear from the visitor. The only bit of information you do get from visitors is via the lead capture form which is short and only tells you the most basic thing.

Conversational marketing changes this. 

What is conversational marketing? 

Conversational marketing is a strategy that puts customer conversations with a brand at the center of driving engagement and increasing conversions. It involves gathering feedback through online communication channels such as live chat, chatbots, and other forms of artificial intelligence (AI).

Along with the traditional page elements, such as the headline and the copy, conversational landing pages offer a channel of two-way communication so visitors can ask any questions about products and services in real-time.

Since it allows brands to interact with visitors on a page, conversational marketing helps convert more of the right leads faster. Marketers can quickly move customers through their marketing and sales funnels,  create positive customer experiences, and increase customer loyalty.

In fact, in a recent survey, marketers found that conversational experiences on landing pages, such as chatbots and live chat, are three-to-four times more likely to lead to a conversion than traditional landing pages.

MangoDB uses the following type of chatbots to get product specialists to answer questions visitors have about their services. Instead of only offering a traditional lead-capture form to register for a free trial, Mango DB’s chatbot allows visitors to learn more about the offer, thereby nudging them closer to converting. 

MangoDB chatbot

Benefits of conversational landing pages

Conversational marketing offers numerous benefits for digital marketers: They build trust and credibility, lead to higher conversion rates, and increase engagement. Let’s look at each of these in a bit more depth.

Build trust and credibility

By providing customers a way to interact with your brand, such as with live chat channels, you build brand trust and credibility, much more so than if you only offered a form that collected lead-capture data. The more human you can make these tools, the more trusting customers will feel.

An Artful Science’s landing page introduces customers to Milo the chatbot. Customers who are up for a chat can tell Milo why they’re on the page and ask him their questions about the company’s marketing services.

Artful Science’s landing page

Unlike a standard form, Milo has a sense of humor that keeps the conversation interesting, which is not something you can achieve with a traditional landing page. He even pokes fun at the chatbot technology, explaining that he’s not a real human. 

Artful Science’s landing page chatbot

Higher conversion rates

There’s no question that conversational marketing improves conversions, especially when companies take advantage of chat features. Specifically in one study, customers who were exposed to chat options converted three to four times more frequently than the average website conversion rate of 2.35%. Check out these marketers’ success stories:

Increased engagement and better leads

Conversation, by definition, is the act of two people engaging with each other, so it’s easy to see why a conversational landing page increases customer engagement over a traditional page. It’s the difference between talking to people instead of at them. 

More engagement means more leads. One insurance company found that 12% more people completed its quote questionnaire on Facebook Messenger than on their website’s quote tool. This helped them reduce their cost per lead by 23% because the latter lacked the conversational aspect that the Messenger bot had. 

How to create conversational landing pages in 4 easy steps

Now that you know the benefits of conversational marketing, here are four steps to create more conversational landing pages.  

  1. Set specific objectives for engagement. Here are some examples of what a conversational landing page can do: 
  • Connect customers to relevant support channels so you can offer them personalized support.
  • Share special offers, such as discounts and holiday specials. 
  • Convert and upsell leads and customers by offering them incentives. 
  • Leverage the information you collect on your customers to improve the experience further on subsequent campaigns and improve the quality of your service and the buyer’s journey
  1. Personalize chatbots for different target audiences. Create a personalized chatbot for each of your different audience segments, so when visitors arrive on the page they feel that it was made just for them. There are many other benefits of having a chatbot that you can make use of today.
  1. Craft precise, action-oriented copy. Your chatbot and any other text on your page should be concise, conversational, and straightforward. This will allow your visitors to have efficient and effective interactions with your brand. 

Trifinder, a UK service that helps people find sporting events in their vicinity, features short and relevant chatbot copy. 

  1. Make your page design memorable. A good page design is paramount to enticing customers to engage with your landing pages. Keep the look simple and uncluttered and choose colors that stand out and match the messaging of your ads. 

Avero’s page’s minimalist design makes its chatbot the hero of the page: 

Avero chatbot

Harness the power of effective communication with conversational landing pages 

Initiating two-way communication with your visitors is vital to nudging them toward becoming leads and committing to purchases. Using conversational marketing best practices gives you the ability to build trust and connect with them emotionally, thereby increasing the chances that your customers will enjoy the experience and be loyal to your brand.

Fahad Muhammad
Fahad Muhammad is a Content Marketer at Postclick. He writes about creating effective landing pages and personalization and keeps up with the latest advertising trends. When he’s not busy writing, you can find him listening to a good podcast.

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