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🔁 Round-robin chat assignment

We’re happy to release automated chat distribution that will help you among agent in a certain department. Just follow to Settings → Team Departments and choose the department for which you want to set up automated chat distribution. You’ll see the following setting at the bottom of the page:

Round robin chat assignment

3 types of chat distribution, explained:

  • Manually – each chat needs to be assigned to a team member manually by an admin or a supervisor. Otherwise, agents can just answer chats so that they will get assigned to them automatically after the first message.
  • By round-robin – chats are assigned to team members one by one started from a team member who hasn’t been assigned for the longest period of time.
  • Last assigned – chats are assigned to a team member who was assigned to the previous chat with this customer. If there was no last assigned team member, the chat needs to be assigned manually.

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