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👥 Custom Roles: Introducing RBAC for Enhanced Account Access Management

We’re thrilled to unveil a new feature of our platform — Role-Based-Account-Access (RBAC)! Now, you can manage roles and grant access to different parts of our service with much more flexibility.

What’s RBAC?

RBAC, short for Role-Based-Account-Access, lets you configure roles and access rights flexibly, ensuring the right people have the right permissions. Companies benefit from RBAC by streamlining their workflow and enhancing security. It’s handy for organizations with diverse teams, allowing tailored access for different departments and roles, from administrators to support staff.

🔄 What’s changed?

Previously, you had just four default roles. With RBAC, you still have those defaults: Administrator, Supervisor, Agent, and now Support (formerly known as Agent chat-only). But now, in the Settings → Team section, you’ll find a new Roles & Permissions block. You can add custom roles and tweak access settings to your heart’s content there.


📝 How does it work?

When adding a custom role, you can fine-tune access to different service parts and even individual actions within those sections. 

  • To make a custom role, go to Settings → Team → Roles & Permissions
  • Click “+Add new role” at the top right. 
  • Adjust access to sections like Inbox or Chatbot by turning ‘Full Access‘ ON or OFF.
  • Some areas allow detailed permissions. Click “View & Edit Permissions” to manage these. 
  • Once your custom role is set, save changes. 
  • Return to Settings → Team → Team Members and assign your new role to your teammates. 

Also, you can now easily view all team members assigned to a specific role for added convenience.


The RBAC feature is only available in Pro and Unlim subscription plans:

  • Pro: 1 custom role plus 4 defaults
  • Unlim: Unlimited custom roles plus 4 defaults

With RBAC, managing roles and permissions has never been smoother. For more information, read our Knowledge Base article on the topic.

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