Liudmila Ganzha
Mar 30, 2018 | 2 min read

We always listen to our customers’ needs. So this time we worked on messaging, chat ratings and search functions to give you more flexibility in targeting your users, improve feedback collection and ensure easier navigation.

We also included a Privacy Policy check box in accordance with the upcoming GDPR regulations.

Here’s a quick list of what has been done.

Chat closure by the user – previously only support agents could close the case and invite a rating from the customer.

Now, that’s also possible on the user’ side. Anytime he/she decides that the problem is solved, they can click “End Chat” and rate your support team’s performance.

Extended delivery settings for manual and auto messaging. Choose when you want to deliver your message: immediately, with a specified delay, or after a certain user inactivity time. 

“Show in chat” option for manual and automated emails. Decide whether you want your email message to be displayed in chat as well.

Extended statistics for email auto messages. In addition to Seen, Open, and Replied, now you can see whether your message was not delivered (Failed), marked as spam (Complained) or clicked through (Clicked).

Chat rating filter lets you easily find and manage conversations with a certain customer rating.

Widget/API filter enables to display conversations only from the selected websites and/or apps (in case you installed multiple chat widgets).

Finally, to comply with the new GDPR regulations, we have added an option of showing a  Privacy Policy Agreement checkbox in the pre-chat form. You can also display such a checkbox right in the chat and add a link to your own Privacy Policy.

More useful updates are coming. Stay tuned! 

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