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📎 Zapier integration for more connections and automation

It’s the very beginning of integration with Zapier and its huge marketplace of different apps. The integration is in BETA now, so there is the only one action available – Create customer. But we have some important instant triggers at you disposal:

  • New chat created
  • Chat status updated
  • Chat assignee updated
  • Chat closed
  • New customer created
  • Customer email updated
  • Customer tags updated
  • Customer unsubscribed
Zapier actions and triggers

To connect HelpCrunch with your Zapier account you need to go to Settings → Channels → Integrations and copy your unique Zapier API key from there:

HelpCrunch integrations for copying Zapier API key

While creating your Zap paste it here:

The place to put your Zapier API key while creating zaps

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