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📚 Knowledge base in mobile SDKs

❇️ Knowledge base integration into the mobile SDK

Our mobile SDK now offers a widget with a built-in knowledge base. It means that the knowledge base is now fully integrated into the mobile widget and is available for your users at all times.

It’s super convenient for mobile users to be able to find all the answers to their questions on the go while using your app. There is no need to leave it and go to your website to look for answers. Articles are already integrated into your chat.

It works the same way as in the web widget: you can enable both chat and knowledge base or only one of the options. When reading the knowledge base, an indicator of a new message will appear in chat every time a new message arrives.

The update is already available for iOS and Android users.

HelpCrunch mobile SDK with a built-in knowledge base

❇️ Knowledge base links open inside the widget

Knowledge base links open inside the widget.

Suppose the article contains a link to another article in your knowledge base. In that case, it will also open inside the chat widget instead of redirecting users to a help center site.

KB articles in widget

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