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12 Customer Service Memes You Can Relate To

Next time you feel frustrated at your job, just check these 12 customer service memes and see that you're not alone.

Written by Anastasiia Khlystova

12 Customer Service Memes You Can Relate To

Working in customer service has its ups and downs. On the one hand, your job is literally helping people and solving their problems which can be very fulfilling at times. On the other hand, not everybody wants to be helped.

Sometimes, customer service work is more of a torture than a life calling. Frustrated clients can be rude and demanding while their issues can be either obvious and stupid or way too difficult for you to resolve. And we can’t forget those dickpics that every service warrior receives from time to time.

But, on the plus side, rude clients, their obvious questions, and a customer service daily routine are an ideal breeding ground for jokes and memes. As they say, if you can’t beat them, join them. 

So, let’s have some fun, shall we?

What is a meme?

A meme is a ludicrous text, image, video, etc. used in different life (or work) situations. Thus, you can send a meme to your friend who lost their job to say all is not bad, or to a boss who has clearly no boundaries whatsoever when it comes to overtime on a daily basis. On weekends, too.

Why use customer service memes?

This is the real kicker. As long as memes exist, people are trying to put them in every context (especially to fix poor customer service). 

However, if you’re working in customer service, the chances are your life is full of surprises, and you’re prone to blow off some steam. And instead of doing so in front of your clients, you’d better look at some funny customer service memes at least to:

  • Relax and put all your troubles away;
  • Cheer up and, consequently, boost customer service experience;
  • Stay in the loop of what’s going on in the world.

Just put a customer service meme on your sore spots and you’ll heal.

Types of customer service memes

Did you know that there is a customer service agent week every October? If you were to celebrate it, I would recommend having a theme party with your colleagues and laughing your heart out, checking out a hilarious customer service meme or two. For that, I’ve got you covered: comb through our selection of whimsical comics about, well, YOUR work days 😀

1. The “my job sucks” meme

The following picture is one of the most popular customer service memes that you will see everywhere. And I can see why. 

If you’ve spent at least a day in support, you’ll definitely relate to it.

2. The “too much work, too little time” meme

We at HelpCrunch are no strangers to a good customer service meme. I, for once, often use them in my articles and social media posts. 

One of my all-time favorites is the one about the amount of work support agents have to do simultaneously that I used for the article on help desk software.

Have you ever managed ten different conversations simultaneously while trying to reproduce a couple of glitches that clients reported to you and initiated a dozen refunds? Then you’ll feel the pain of this customer service meme.

3. The “I don’t care anymore” meme

Like it or not, customer service is always about people. You spend the whole day talking to your favorite customers and listening to their frustrations. And yeah, they can be frustrated, but you can’t afford the luxury of showing your bad mood at work. 

It’s always ‘Nice to hear from you, thank you for contacting us, have a nice day’ even if you don’t feel like it. Sometimes, you just can’t deal with it anymore.

4. The “I am a know-it-all rep” meme

It’s not like you can just pick up a phone and instantly become a customer service representative.

Those people have a very specific set of soft skills — active listening, empathy, patience as well as excellent time management and problem-solving abilities.

Who could have thought that there can be advantages to being a startup and having no customers — you don’t have problems with your customer service as well.


5. The “funny-but-true” meme

It always astonished me in a bad way how rude people can get when talking to a service agent. Obscenities, swearing, rants, and unfair accusations — everything goes. 

So, if you’ve worked in customer service for quite some time, you have no choice but to develop a thick skin.

6. The “Our service is down, we’re not” meme

Every business owner’s nightmare is when their service is down. But you know who suffers even more when it happens? The customer service team.

The minute your service becomes non-responsible, people are writing angry emails to support agents, and it’s quite difficult to say something when it’s obviously not your fault.

So, all that’s left to do is apologize a million times and say that the team is already fixing the problem.

7. The “Our team is working on it” meme

‘The team is working on it’ is the go-to answer to virtually any customer’s question. The service is down for two hours and you’ve missed an important deadline? Our team is working on it.

Been charged three times for something you didn’t use? Our team is so working on it. Lost yourself and don’t know what to do with your life? Our team will fix the issue in a moment.

8. The “Frustration is understandable” meme

How many times have you told this phrase to a client “I completely understand your frustration”? No doubt you meant it. And no doubt they were patient folks.

However, let’s face it: sometimes, you just didn’t. 

Sure thing, there are miscellaneous reasons for that – you want to make amends, to win a client’s heart, or just make them stop spitting at you. Here is a customer service meme that fits the context perfectly: 

9. The “always clever” meme

Who could have thought that there could be advantages to being a startup and having no customers — you don’t have problems with your customer service as well.

10. The “give me appreciation” meme

Sure, customer satisfaction surveys at the end of each conversation are extremely important for every business. They help evaluate everything you’re doing right and detect problems early on.

But doesn’t it feel personal sometimes? Like, it’s only you and your job that get to be rated — and not always fair.

11. The “customer service level: expert” meme

… and what about all those times when clients rate your service as ‘poor’?

You’ve tried hard, given everything you had to give, and still got negative feedback. And now it’s in your monthly customer feedback report.

12. The “Just give me a break” meme

At some point, a poor grade and not-so-good feedback are the lesser of two evils. Correct me if I’m wrong, but when a client doesn’t bother hearing what you say for the hundredth time… It’s really hard to keep your shirt on and speak with a normal voice. But who am I to not let you giggle at a customer’s meme? Trust me, all the troubles will evaporate with this one:

3 worth-gold tips for using customer service memes effectively

Alright, laughing can only take us so far. The jury is still out on the way one should leverage memes in a customer service process. Follow my lead if you want to build bridges with your audience no matter what (and save your blushes at that):

📖 Read the room perfectly. You can send a silly meme to a client only if the situation allows and things don’t look squally. Otherwise, you just scare them away and they gonna tell your boss you’re off the track.

💎 Stay authentic and original. Generally, customer service agents indulge themselves in a happy-go-lucky way of choosing a meme. That’s why some clients may not find it so funny. To stand out from the crowd and really please a client, create your own limerick. Go nuts – clients do love that! 

👆 Follow the rules and etiquette. To offend a person with a seemingly harmless client’s meme is like a walk in the park. So don’t be reckless with it, avoid controversy, stay away from religious, political, sexual, or violent content. 

Final thoughts

That’s it for now! Hope you had fun with these customer service memes (I know I did!). And if you have your own favorite memes, do send them my way, and I’ll make sure to include them in this article.

Anastasiia Khlystova
As a sporadic visitor of internet stores and a content marketing manager with 8+ years of experience, Anastasiia knows what good customer service is. Anastasiia is a former Head of Content at HelpCrunch, so she knows how to write about customer service so that everyone understands its true importance and key aspects. Her professional interests include AI chatbots and different aspects of customer support automation. When not writing for the HelpCrunch blog, she likes to read modern literature, watch independent cinema, and cuddle with her cat and dog.
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