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How Handles over 2,000 Queries in a Month with the HelpCrunch Multichannel Live Chat is an online financial supermarket, a nationwide service for comparing and ordering the best insurance and financial products in Ukraine. During 2022-2023, the company utilizes HelpCrunch – a platform for lightning-fast customer support.

We touched base with the representative and found out everything firsthand. What were the challenges and obstacles the company faced before collaborating with HelpCrunch? How did their experience modify after switching to our platform? Find the answers down below.

The first challenges

A decent solution for customer support with a wide range of functions and, what is extremely important, a transparent pricing policy is a pretty rare case in the Ukrainian market.

On the flip side, there is plenty of reasonable, free solutions out there helping businesses solve basic needs like customer communication and lead qualification, to name a few. One of these free services was initially used by

Everything would be spot-on but different troubles popped up: 

  • Chaos in setting the team’s mode and work schedule so that clients would see the presence/absence;
  • Problems with transferring files to clients;
  • Video recordings bottlenecks.

The company’s goal

According to Juliia, the representative, the goal was to communicate quickly and professionally with customers in a way convenient for them

If we take all the nuances listed above into account, it would be next to impossible to achieve this goal. So when the team spotted HelpCrunch on another website, it piqued their interest and they decided to try something new.

The brilliant decision

HelpCrunch offers businesses the broadest spectrum of functionalities aimed primarily at personalized and proactive customer support. That is why our multichannel online chat turned out to be the best solution for the crew.

HelpCrunch live chat on the main page of the website

How does the live chat from HelpCrunch assist in communicating quickly and in real time with their audience? Everything is simple: by integrating the live chat with messengers (Telegram, Viber), the company handles about 2,000 chats on average per month. This is quite an impressive number, which requires steady technical ground (which, as luck would have it, maintains).

As a result, clients are always provided with timely support, as well as the opportunity to choose one of their favorite messengers for alternative contact with the team.

“We prioritize live chat. The capabilities of HelpCrunch allowed us to also communicate with our clients through such messengers as Telegram or Viber” – Juliia, the representative.


This is how HelpCrunch helped achieve an extremely important goal — fast, real-time, and unconstrained communication with customers. And we at HelpCrunch cannot help but be satisfied with such a huge result because this is the cornerstone of our work!

“The HelpCrunch team is always helpful about everything from setting up a chat to connecting multiple sites/domains/web widgets” – Juliia, the representative.

HelpCrunch isn’t resting on its laurels and is already working on product improvements 🤝 Stay tuned for updates and delve into the success stories of our customers. is an online financial supermarket, a nationwide service for the comparison and registration of the best insurance policies in Ukraine.



Use case

Customer support

Key features used

Live chat Messengers (Viber, Telegram)

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