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How an EdTech platform Mathema began processing 5 times more queries thanks to automation and AI

5000 students are studying simultaneously on the Mathema platform, with over 600 tutors working in Ukraine and abroad. They conduct approximately 30,000 individual online math lessons every month.

With a large base of internal and external clients (including students’ parents who pay for the education), the Mathema customer service team is forced to handle thousands of inquiries monthly. They have found that automation is the best solution for this.

The Challenge

Mathema has always aimed to help every user who seeks support. Therefore, even when they had a client base of 1000 students and about 100 tutors, the team understood that they would need to automate many processes to scale.

At that time, Mathema was only operating in the Ukrainian market and aimed to launch the platform in other European countries. Although the team had some experience using the product to handle incoming requests, it was insufficient.

So the company was looking for a new product. They needed, in particular:

  1. The ability to handle queries from multiple channels in a single window.
  2. A simple and understandable solution interface to reduce the time spent on training new team members.
  3. The ability to automate responses and other actions.

All of this would reduce the  first response time to an incoming request. Mathema understood that this metric significantly improves the customer experience and is crucial for growth.

The Solution

Mathema chose HelpCrunch to automate their customer service.

Our decision was influenced by the possibility of paying for services in a package, which reduced financial pressure on the startup. The need to buy licenses for each new user was no longer a problem.

Yuliia Muzyka, Customer Success Manager at Mathema

But most important, of course, was the availability of the necessary functionality.

  • Trigger-based auto-messages. Integrating HelpCrunch with CRM allows trigger-based auto-messages to be sent to customers. This improves user interaction and significantly reduces manual work.

How it works:

  • CRM stores the message template, inserts customer personal data, and determines the list of triggers for sending the message.
  • HelpCrunch sends this message to the user.

As a result, we now send about 1500 automated messages to users. Previously, this was entirely manual work. We ask parents for their impressions of the teacher, send a “Thank you letter” to parents after payment, and also congratulate our tutors on their birthdays.

  • Knowledge base. An important step for Mathema was integrating the Knowledge Base, which they use for onboarding tutors. This allowed them to systematize and help in their regular work.
mathema knowledge base

I was responsible for this project and was initially very upset about the lack of quick results. But now I feel special happiness when teachers communicate useful links from our Knowledge Base with each other and bookmark them. It’s nice when users feel the value of the product.

  • Popup notifications. This tool most effectively helps Mathema quickly inform tutors about new and important articles in the Knowledge Base. When necessary, they add them in the scheduling system, which teachers use daily.

The Result

As a result, after connecting with HelpCrunch in September 2022, Mathema significantly increased the number of queries they can handle:

  • October 2022: Nearly 6000 chats processed.
  • October 2023: Over 26000 dialogs.
  • January 2024: Almost 30000 dialogs (29835).

The first response time decreased from 8 to 12 minutes in the first months of using HelpCrunch to an average of 2.5 minutes (record – 1 minute and 36 seconds) after the first four months. In addition, in September 2023, they started using the Knowledge Base for onboarding new tutors. Views per week increased from 150 to 500.

As a result, after 1.5 years of using HelpCrunch, the number of processed requests increased fivefold, with almost no change in the size of the support team.

Future plans

Mathema plans to try HelpCrunch for several new tasks. All of them correspond to the strategy of providing high-level service and developing the platform towards automation and optimization of customer service.

In particular, for automating notifications to students and tutors when classes are rescheduled or canceled. Student performance reports can also be automatically sent to parents.

Besides, the EdTech startup is interested in the AI editor for Knowledge Base.

At the moment, we want to start working in another country. We plan to use the Knowledge Base as the primary tool for onboarding the teacher team in the new market. We also know that with HelpCrunch, all materials can be translated and adapted quickly and easily using the AI editor for Knowledge Base.

Mathema is an international online platform for learning mathematics. The tool enables tutors and students to find each other and organize the learning process.


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