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Unite all communication channels in one team inbox

  • You can forward all messages from your team email address to the HelpCrunch inbox and collaborate on them more effectively with your team.

  • Communicate with your customers via email or chat. Unite your corporate messengers and social media accounts to provide an omnichannel experience.

  • Every detail about a customer and their previous interactions with your brand are at your fingertips. From a time zone to a user path to custom attributes — you got it.

  • Your team can prioritize and distribute emails and chats more effectively by creating as many shared inboxes as they need based on any relevant data.

Maximize productivity with an AI Editor for Inbox

  • With our AI editor, you can turn your brief drafts into polished messages or emails that are clear, concise, and professional.

  • Compose the messages in your preferred language and translate them automatically to engage with global customer base without worrying about grammar.

  • Change the tone of your messages to match the situation, so you always come across as professional, even when you're feeling weary to craft a response.

  • Our AI editor can help you shorten long texts into brief and friendly messages, so customers can get to the point quickly.

AI badge AI-powered

Fast and powerful shared inbox for your team

Emails are just the beginning. Manage all communications in one place and stay in the context with real-time user info.

Complete dashboard of the HelpCrunch Shared Inbox

Collaborate with your team on the go

  • Assign conversations to your teammates or entire departments manually. Set up smart routing rules to automate this process and distribute them fair and square.

  • Leave private notes to indicate complex issues. These notes are only visible to other team members and will help them get the gist of a conversation in seconds.

  • Need more time to сlarify some details and follow up on the issue later? Just snooze conversations to get convenient reminders when the time is right.

  • Knowledge is power. Track your team’s performance, workload, and customer satisfaction to be aware of your current state of affairs at all times.

Additional shared inbox features

Customize your dashboard, automate routine tasks, join forces with your team on complex issues and turn your shared inbox into a potent command center.

  • Saved replies

    Prepare answers to common questions to access them in a few clicks while chatting with customers.

  • Knowledge base integration

    Want to provide a more detailed explanation? Send a knowledge base article right from your shared inbox.

  • Chat routing

    Automate conversation routing to distribute tickets among support agents faster and more efficiently.

  • Notifications

    Choose how you want to be notified about new messages to attend to every conversation on time.

  • Inbox customization

    Tweak your shared inbox by choosing which information you want to see before opening a conversation.

  • Integrations

    Add your favorite communication channels and tools like Zapier or Slack to automate routine tasks.

4.7 / 5
4.8 / 5
4.8 / 5
4.8 / 5
5 / 5
  • Excellent platform for customer interaction with great support

    We integrated HelpCrunch into our customer success workflow to replace two separate products, Zendesk and Intercom. So far it has successfully covered both functions at a more affordable price and provided some extra features as well. We like the easy-to-use interface, the features that allow us to efficiently handle all customer interaction (chat & email) as well as proactive chats, emails and website popup software for our onboarding process. Their support is great, having extensive documentation and a very responsive team.

    Adina Mihaita
    Adina Mihaita
    Head of Customer Success @
  • Great tool to generate more website leads and provide multi-channel support

    Its multi-channel coverage and automated behaviour-based campaigns that result in increasing conversions and getting more qualified leads from our website and blog. It takes couple of minutes to set it up. This platform helps us to be in touch with our customers anytime and deliver them a great support of the channel of their choice. It also helps us to handle incoming inqueries much faster. We managed to increase customer satisfaction and also improve our team performance.

    Katarzyna Kowalczyk
    Katarzyna Kowalczyk
    Small business
  • Best option for small businesses

    User-friendly admin panel, great price, very helpful support, best-written knowledge base. The best alternative to Intercom. Lots of options. I am not even sure if I need a chatbot anymore, as there are enough options for using messages and popups. Easy to use for anyone. My newly hired inexperienced customer support agent just turned it on and understood all the features immediately. I have been using and testing numerous apps so far, and Helpcrunch is truly a winner.

    General manager @
  • Incredibly useful site for customer experience

    First and foremost, it's a very easy website to use. Furthermore, you can easily adjust the settings to make them fit your needs perfectly. At Candeno we offer a livechat and we use HelpCrunch for this. Earlier we used Intercom, but Helpcrunch is way easier to use and set up, and the variety of options helps you a lot, but aren't overwhelming.

    Gustav Tornby
    Gustav Tornby
    Communications Manager @

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