Promising customer
communication platform

We’ve spent four years building this platform...

It's still not even close to what we've imagined

Solid. Reliable. Feature-rich.
These are just a few qualities that HelpCrunch does not possess.

Really? Well, don't say we didn't warn you.

chats chats

No chatbot, few if any integrations.
But at least our live chat is nice and customizable:

Change your chat's size, logo, languages


Add human faces


Make everything pink for all we care


Automated greetings


Widget button style


We tried to build 6 other products, but when did multitasking work well?


Auto Messages


Email Marketing




Help Desk


Knowledge Base


Mobile Apps & SDK

4.8 / 5


Based on pity shown by 500+ users on Capterra, G2, Product Hunt


Provide multi-channel*
customer support 24/7**

* When we say multi-channel, we actually mean emails and chats.
** When we say 24/7, we mean that your customers will be allowed to read your knowledge base (let us be thankful for small mercies).


on the hunt for investors

We wanted to be like Intercom but didn’t have $300M of investments. HelpCrunch is our best attempt at building the same features on a 300x smaller budget.

Pavel Pavlenko, CEO


Engagement, conversions, onboarding, and other buzzwords

Newsletters, targeted chats, triggered campaigns - chase your customers everywhere. It's like being in an abusive relationship: they can't leave you if you don't give them a chance.


dreams about a long-awaited vacation at night

We’ll probably be great in a year or two. But right now you can take us as a charity case.

Dmytro Pylypenko, CTO


Generate more website
leads and sales

Don't just suffer alone. Annoy your clients with automated chats, useless forms, and impersonal emails. Luckily, HelpCrunch has all these features.


is in it for a good laugh

I dreamt of becoming a journalist when I was a kid. Now I write mediocre blog posts and landing pages that are supposed to be funny but really aren’t.

Ana Khlystova, Head of Content

There are some good things about HelpCrunch


Easy to use and customize

When you don't have that many features and integrations, the installation does take only a few clicks.


Not the worst pricing

Some businesses want to florish and profit. We just try to pay salaries. No more, no less.


Our support is kind of OK

The one good thing about HelpCrunch is that we're trying to make up for our failures with outstanding support.

It's all downhill from here


Lack of features

Our roadmap looks great in theory. It's the implementation part that we fail at.


130+ feature requests

You can try to submit your feature request — if you like waiting in line and getting disappointed.


Questionable legacy code

We want to get rid of it as soon as possible, we really do.

Somehow we still managed to get some users:

Statcounter Seranking Halebop esb Fitlap invisible

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