Liudmila Ganzha
Dec 07, 2017 | 4 min read

We listen to our customers and we never stop updating our product to better serve their needs.

Smart philosophy, huh? And effective.

We already described new help desk features in the previous post.

This time, we focus on our recent updates aimed at creating a perfect user experience, simplifying dashboard navigation, improved managing of customer data and enhancing customization.

So what’s new?

Easier managing contacts and chats

Working with customer data in  All chats / My Chats / Contacts sections gets easier than ever.

We’ve added a possibility to edit the table columns as you wish – you can decide which columns to show and which to hide depending on the parameters that are important for your work at the moment, including the custom data you collect about your customers.

For cases when you need to display a lot of columns and they don’t fit into the page – we’ve added a horizontal scroll. We also thought that pagination and selecting the number rows per page will let you smoothly navigate through the chats.

Thanks to the enhanced search functionality, now you can find a customer by username or chat tag in a flash.

Search by username

A new status filter lets’ you now sort customers according to the status of communication with them, for example, you can show only resolved or pending chats.

Also, there’s no chance to overlook a new message or a lead because unread messages are now displayed as first, no matter what their status is. After unread messages, the sequence remains the same as before: New, Open, Pending, On-Hold, Resolved, Rejected.

We’ve also reinforced the Contacts section with new and powerful Advanced search functionality.  Now, we recognize three data types  (integer, string, date)  and automatically pull up corresponding options to the Advanced search.

There are more than 40 search criteria available and you can combine them with each other to narrow down your search to specific users.

Same criteria can be set when selecting the audience for Chat Manual Messages and Targeted Chat Auto Messages.

What is more, now you don’t need necessarily communicate with a customer in chat in order to add him/her to your Contacts list. Let’s say you met a customer at a conference and connected on the phone- you can add this contact manually and immediately set its communication status.

Refreshed UI

HelpCrunch provides you with a cozy working environment that becomes more and more beautiful and stylish day by day.

We refreshed our menu icons, all pop-ups,  infobox styles, our logo, code blocks, fonts, and buttons, changed all preloaders in the service making the interface even more pleasant to the eye and trendy looking.

Chat tools, formatting, and customization

We’ve added link parsing so that now agents, as well customers before, can preview images and videos in chat.

And thanks to image parsing in chats and emails, support agents can now see inline images, for example, if a customer sends you a screenshot illustrating a certain problem.

Say hi to formatting in chat. Make sure that your chat messages are more eye-catchy and highlight certain points with a simple markdown (bold, italics, and preformatting) as well as quote customers’ phrases to prevent any chance of miscommunication.

New chat bubble For enhancing readability, we’ve changed the logic of showing the chat bubble for manual or automated messages. Now the widget displays the whole last message and it neatly fits into the bubble facilitating comprehension.

Custom CSS Now you have a possibility customize your chat window with CSS to make it fully match the look and feel of your website.

Manual and Auto Messages

We’ve added a separate section for Manual Messages.  Now you can comfortably set one-time bulk chat and email messages from one place – they work great for sending one-off deals and promotions. You can also easily track metrics for these one-time campaigns.

Also, don’t forget to make your text more visually appealing, readable, and catchy by using a simple editor for all automated and manual messages.

Friends, we’ve rolled out so many updates recently, that we’re just unable to squeeze them all in this post.  Check out our previous text on new helpdesk features and stay tuned for the next post about email automation updates.

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