Liudmila Ganzha
Dec 12, 2017 | 2 min read

According to a study by Monetate,  email marketing still converts better than other marketing channels, such as social media.

One of the reasons for this is the ability to segment target recipients and personalize messages.

That’s why we keep adding new features to make both your automated onboarding and marketing chains and manual emails with one-off deals, promotions or product updates more and more effective.

So what’s fresh?

Email templates. To make messages more structured and visually appealing, we’ve added several default editable email templates (personal, company, announcement etc).

What’s more, you can now change their colors.

Extended editor for advanced email formatting. This will help you make your automated and manual emails more readable and catchier. You can select various text formats, fonts, sizes, boldface, highlighting,  alignments etc.

Full-screen mode ensures greater comfort while working with the message.

Custom attributes in emails. Now you can insert not only the {{name}} attribute into an email but a whole bunch of other attributes like email, сompany, first seen, last seen, city etc.

Social links. Open the  Settings section in your account, add your social accounts there – and they will be automatically inserted into the email templates both for automated and manual messages. Very convenient, isn’t it?

Сopy automated and manual messages (both email and chats)  and you won’t have to work from the ground every time when composing a new message. Build comfortably on what you already have.

Just to remind you, you can also add images to emails and customize them. You can play with various parameters like the border color, image alignment, border radius etc.

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