Liudmila Ganzha
Feb 15, 2018 | 2 min read

For active live chat users, we compiled a list of actions that will help you get the most of its features and convert more customers in real time.  Let’s go!

✅ Reply fast. Customers expect a reply within seconds and minutes

✅ If you’re not available:

 Activate a waiting message reassuring that help is coming

Switch on an offline form encouraging visitors to leave their message

Hide the widget from your website if you are not going to reply for a long period of time.

✅ Communicate in a friendly, conversational manner. This is the era of informal customer service.

✅ Set up proactive messages. Use analytics (e.g. Google Analytics) to see on which pages your customers spend a longer time and trigger different automated messages for each case. Offer help with pricing, installation, checkout etc.

✅ Integrate HelpCrunch chat with your product to be able to track your custom events and launch targeted messages based on them right inside your product or on your marketing website.

✅ Activate notifications. Even if you’re busy doing other tasks, browser, email or slack notifications will let you know about new messages.

✅ Follow-up on every request. Make sure everything is going ok and indicate you’re available for any further assistance. You can follow up either in chat or via email right from the chat window.

✅ Resend chat messages via email if unseen in the chat – this will deliver your last unseen chat messages to your customer’s email inbox.

✅ Share screenshots and videos. If you need to explain to a customer how to use something – share a screenshot or send an explainer video in chat (HelpCrunch supports YouTube and Vimeo video preview right in the chat).

✅ Prepared a set of canned answers by analyzing your customers’ most frequent questions.This will speed up your performance a lot.

✅ Activate typing insight to show customers that you are responding and to keep them in chat.

✅ Use text formatting and emojis to make your messages eye-pleasing and readable ?

✅ Mark your chats with tags to quickly sort and identify chats for quick reference.

✅ Assign communication statuses to chats to prioritize your activities.

✅ Use chat transfer if the question can be better answered by another agent.

✅ Analyze visitors’ onsite and in-app activity to better understand your customers and personalize your service.

✅ Use the live chat to up-sell or cross-sell your higher pricing plans or other products/services you provide.

✅ Activate post-chat ratings to quickly gather customer feedback. You must close each conversation to make chat rating automatically display to your customer.

✅ Install a live chat mobile app and support people from anywhere, anytime.

✅ Use our API to automatically display the chat in customer’s language.

You can find comprehensive instructions on how to set up all this in our  Knowledge Base.

As to what skills a great live chat agent should have, check out this article.

We hope this checklist will be helpful. If you have any questions – chat with us.

Happy chatting and selling!

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