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Liudmila Ganzha

Fresh looks and powerful customization: engage and convert more with the new HelpCrunch

heHelpCrunch keeps pace with the modern customer expectations and is constantly getting trendier and more user-friendly.

Moreover, with new customization options, HelpCrunch perfectly matches your brand presentation and delivers enhanced usability level – no matter if you’re a startup, SMB, or a big player.

A quick rundown of the adjustments we made:

  • New styles, fonts and intends are more impactful and enhance readability.

  • New chat rating, chat icon and waiting message styles become more stylish and eye-catching.

  • More chat button shapes, trendy colors, bigger choice of icons and a gradient option give you infinite customization possibilities.

To set a perfect chat button style, go to My Account → Your Organization →

Widget Customization.

And the great thing is that you can now preview all the changes you made right inside the customization settings.

  • New animation for the chat pop-up creates a beautiful entrance effect. Fresh animations for the waiting message, chat closure, rating invitation etc are also smooth and visually-appealing.

We hope you like this Helpcrunch face-lift. 

Not using HelpCrunch yet? Give it a try to engage and convert more.

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