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Nov 21, 2017 | 7 min read

Finally!! Our third article on how to boost your business with blogging 😉 In two previous posts,  we looked at how to choose topics for your business blog wisely and how to create readable and compelling texts. This time, we explore how content can convert readers into paying customers without spending a dime.

1. Partner with influencers in your niche

Opinion makers can recommend products to their followers and help increase sales.

Do your research and find influencers who have a similar audience to yours.  Get them notice you by linking to them in your article, mentioning them at your posts, thanking for valuable content, commenting on their posts, publishing their content review or including them in your best content weekly/monthly round-ups, etc.  

Then write a great article, email it to them and ask for feedback. If they truly like it, they may decide to share it on their social pages and even include in their newsletter.

Tip. Put a lot of effort into your content, ‘cause influencers will unlikely publish beginner staff – take your time to write a killer article.

2. Share your content wisely

That’s pretty obvious but must be done rightly:

  • Don’t make finding your social sharing buttons a headache. Be sure it’s very well visible on your blog page.  Some bloggers use social sharing plugins that make social buttons to scroll up and down the post as people read through it:
  • Directly ask your readers to share your content in your text, don’t assume they’ll do it by default
  • Involve friends and colleagues to launch the sharing process
  • After you’ve built a good relationship with an influencer, every now and then, send them your best content and ask to share it
  • Run a contest, making sharing your post or blog a condition for entering
  • When your content starts getting really popular, include the number of social shares for each post on your blog to emphasize how popular it is.

You can do it with a WordPress plugin. It will look like this:

3.Cross-post with other bloggers or companies

Team up with other companies who are not your competitors but whose products, services, or content are related to yours – and exchange your blog posts.

You may agree to introduce some adjustments to the ready- to make it more suitable for the other blog’s audience or you may opt for writing an article from the ground.

Cross-sharing lets you expand your audience immediately without any additional effort and investment.

4. Incorporate urgency in your content

Has it ever happened that you bought something on sale because the price was good and it was the last item available? I think it actually happened to all of us. The “fear of missing out” (FOMO) is an effective sales tool.

So use the idea that something useful and attractive is only available for a limited time or will cost more later. This might mean offering:

  • a free e-book to your first 100 subscribers
  • offering  a time-sensitive discount
  • availability only of a limited number of products
  • links to coupons or deals that will soon expire

Apply the language that produces feelings of immediacy, accelerate the reading speed making content your text more dynamic.  

Begin the post normally but as you get closer to the end, use shorter paragraphs and sentences. This makes us read faster. And boosts urgency.

Deliver evidence or statistics why it’s important to buy your stuff now.

Let’s say you offer a product that helps SaaS businesses reduce churn. Use figures and research to demonstrate how many clients and how much money they could lose in a day, or a week or month etc if they don’t start using your product.

5. Engage your readers with a live chat

Live chat allows turning a passive reading activity into an active interaction.

This simple tool that can capture leads and boost your conversion rate by 20% (American Marketing Association report)

You’ll be able to answer people’s questions, discuss your points of view, ask for their opinions, or even promote your product and services. The live chat gives you a chance to talk live just like you would do in WhatsApp or Viber in a friendly and engaging way.

You will be also able to capture people’s contact data (emails!!!) via a pre-chat form that users may be required to fill in. Moreover, you can start talking to your readers first by firing proactive chat messages establishing a connection and converting them into active prospects.

You can find a good live chat almost at no cost ($9/month).

As you see, we use our own live chat on our blog page and you can try it for free for 14 days.

start free trial

6. Make emotional appeals

“People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.” – Zig Ziglar

We already mentioned the fear of missing out but you may also use excitement, high and low moods, suspense, anger, humor, anticipation – they increase engagement and the probability of conversion.

Include your personal point of view, vary the tone and language, use power words, sparse your content with emojis and gifs where appropriate.

7.  Include special  offers and exclusive deals

We already mentioned time-limited offers calling for urgent action but you may also include non-time-sensitive discounts and deals . Adding these deals will also encourage customers to regularly check out on your posts and build loyalty.

By the way, did you know that we offer a 30% discount for startups on our customer communication software? ( including live chat, in-app messenger, email automation and a simple helpdesk) Click on the button below to chat with us and ask for the discount 🙂

We are a startup

8. Collect email addresses

You can make your blog convert indirectly – through emails. Once you have the emails, you can create an email drip system and not only send them a newsletter but also product updates, special deals, time-limited offers etc.

You can automate the process with services like MailChimp, Aweber, or  HelpCrunch Email Automation and create a sequence of effective time-based or event-triggered email campaigns.

Research shows that wisely composed personalized emails still convert better than social media.

Some ways to collect emails:

  • Offer regular high-quality, value-loaded content and encourage readers to subscribe to blog’s newsletter. You will collect a solid base of prospects. Analyze what they’ve read in order to learn which product or service they might be most interested in.
  • Use a very actionable technique known as content upgrade. These are long-form guides that elaborate on the topic you discuss on your blog.

Сontent upgrades are only available to download once a reader signs up to your email list. For example, you may offer an ebook, an ultimate guide, or participation in a free webinar.

Tip. To make ebooks longer, some authors load them with fluff and the readers have to go through hundreds of pages to get just a couple of workable tips. Always prioritize business value over text volume when creating an e-book.

Another tip.  Don’t include long sign up forms – just an email field is enough. At most, you may ask for a name if you want to send highly personalized emails.  

One-line subscription form from our blog

9. Include links to related content

Weave internal and external links throughout your content. If you mention your product and services, you give readers an opportunity to read about them on your website in detail without being intrusive and promotional.

Also, cross-link to your other related blog-posts and include links to useful and relevant external resources.

Tip. Make sure that the links will open in a new tab, otherwise, your readers will likely lose your article. Use links sparingly not to distract people too often.

10. Clear CTA buttons

Many bloggers write great content and never ask their readers to do anything about it or have confusing CTAs. Give the reader something to act on and create a clear and compelling CTA banner, bar or button.

Summing up, what could you ask for?

  • Sign up for the email list.
  • Sign up for a free trial
  • Register for a demo
  • Register for a webinar
  • Get a discount
  • Download an e-book.
  • Join an online course.
  • Take a survey.
  • Share a specific link or tweet on social media.
  • Buy your product or service etc

Hope these tips will help you turn your blog into an effective marketing asset and drive conversions  If you find the post interesting, feel free to share it on your FB, Twitter or LinkedIn or whatever social network you use.  

If you agree or disagree at some point, give us a shout through the live chat or leave a comment under the post.

Remember to blog strategically! More useful posts are coming soon. 

Stay tuned 🙂


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